Foam solutions for land & sea

Distributed Spray Foam Manufacturing

Aloha’s Distributed Spray Foam Manufacturing Model

At Aloha Energy we are committed to doing all we can to preserve nature’s resources for future generations.

Aloha Energy’s main spray foam and injection foam insulation manufacturing facilities are located close to the highest demand for spray foam and injection foam insulation.

Our distributed manufacturing operations have the lowest harmful environmental impact of any spray foam and injection foam manufacturer.

Distributed manufacturing gives Aloha Energy the ability to support better customer service and increase local job creation and retention.

Our high quality control, spray foam manufacturing process can be accomplished almost anywhere in the world.

If you have experience in the building construction industry, manufacturing or just have a strong desire to be part of the Green Revolution, owning a local spray foam insulation manufacturing facility could be a great way to increase your income and provide steady revenue.

Contact us today to initiate the conversation and start on the path to owning, operating and profiting from your own green spray and injection foam insulation manufacturing business.

Become a Regional Manufacturer of Aloha Energy’s High Content Bio-Renewable Polyurethane Foam Systems.

We can set you up with a complete manufacturing facility:

  • Factory Design
  • All Necessary Equipment – Very scalable
  • Full Range of Unique Formulations (serving multiple industries)
  • Marketing & Business Management Materials:
    • Website
    • Online Distributed Business Management Application
    • Printable Data Sheets
    • Templates for print ads
  • Business Plan Boilerplate for Funding Presentations
  • Central Purchasing thru Aloha Energy maximizing our raw material buying power thereby reducing your base costs as we all continue to grow.
  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • Immediate access to new products as they are developed
  • And more….

Aloha Energy
Offices at: 186 Circular St., Suite 4, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-852-2812 cell Fax: 866-430-4057
E-mail: Tom Eletto, CEO

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