Learn How the M-Power Spray Foam System Has Helped Our Customers

With it’s state-of-the-art technology and low-cost maintenance, the M-Power low pressure spray foam machine can save your spray foam business valuable time and money—but don’t just take out word for it. Below, you can read testimonials from real customers on how the M-Power Spray Foam System has helped their spray foam business!



Frank Fletcher

Frank Fletcher needed the ability to spray both polyurea coatings and injection foam in his business. Previously to purchasing the M-Power Spray System, Frank was using a handheld cartridge gun which could apply the product well but was time consuming, especially on large volumes.

With the M-Power system and the ability to precisely fine-tune in ratios, he found he could flow a lot more material. Setup was simple and once the ratios were dialed in, the heat stayed constant producing a consistent product. The self-cleaning feature of the gun was a real time and cost saver as he didn’t have to constantly change the tip.

“The customer service is great. Tom really knows the machine and is always ready and able to quickly respond to questions and provide solutions.” —Frank Fletcher