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Spray Foam Applications

What can Aloha Energy provide that installers cannot get from other Spray Foam Manufacturers?

  • Faster and better service from a local family owned company.
  • LEEDs points for local manufacturing, within 500 miles of application site.
  • Lower construction costs (time and materials savings)
  • Low cost shipping. From Maine to Maryland 1 or 2 sets of foam delivered for $100 or $125 in the winter (with freeze protection)
  • Tech Support. Only 1 call away from talking to the actual design chemist behind the formulations
  • Easier to sell. Greenest of the green spray foam insulation. 48% to 61% Bio-Renewable Components on the “B” Side  ( Castor Oil, Sucrose, Oil from Shells of Cashew Nuts and Water Blown)
  • Wide Range of Formulations. 0.5 Spray, 0.5 Pour/Cavity Fill, 1.0 Spray, 1.6 Injection for CIP and Freezer/Walk-In-Cooler Manufacturing, 1.8 Pour/Cavity Fill, 1.8 Spray, 2.0 Floatation, 2.7 Roofing
  • Custom Formulations.Customer needed 2lb slow rise for cavity fill application, we formulated and shipped within 3 days.
  • Discounts for quantity orders

Read more about the benefits of Bio-renewable spray foam insulation for building owners and operators.

Spray Foam Applications

Spray foam insulation has been a popular choice for saving money and helping the environment for over 30 years. Contractors, building owners and home owners from Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island install spray foam insulation in new and existing buildings to save money on energy bills. Spray foam insulation can be used in new construction and during remodeling or renovations to reduce energy bills, create a permanent vapor barrier and increase the strength of your building. Connecticut building owners know the value of spray foam insulation. Over $5 million of spray foam was used in Connecticut in 2009 alone. Spray foam insulation is easy, affordable and local. Aloha Energy is a regional manufacturer of bio-renewable spray foam insulation and insulation equipment in the Northeast United States. At Aloha Energy we believe in being nice to nature in all of our business practices. Our spray foam insulation is made with 50% bio-renewable ingredients like Sucrose. Castor Oil and the Oil from the Shells of Cashew Nuts. Our bio-renewable spray foam insulation has the highest amount of natural ingredients of any manufacturer in the United States! We are proud to provide high quality bio-renewable spray foam to architects, builders, developers and building owners in our region and around the world through our distributed manufacturing facilities. Architects agree, creating an air tight seal in your building is the most cost effective way to manage energy costs and create a comfortable environment for work or play. I don’t know anyone who would drill a whole in their refrigerator door, so why would you build a building with so many opportunities for warm air to get out and cold air to get in? Construction managers appreciate the easy, fast and profitable installation of spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is easy to work with, quick to install and reduces the overall construction time when compared to fiberglass batt or foam board insulation. Building owners and occupants enjoy lower energy bills, more comfortable environment and peace of mind that are a natural result of using bio-renewable spray foam insulation.
Compare Building Envelop Solutions 

Bio-renewable Spray foam Fiberglass Foam Board Cellulose
Air sealant Yes No Yes
Vapor barrier Yes No No
Thermal barrier Yes Yes Yes
Fire Resistant Yes
Insect Barrier Yes No No
Sound Barrier Yes No No
People to install 1 or 2
Installation Time 70 ft/minute
Total contractor cost
Total Contractor Profit
Earth Friendly Product Yes

Contact Tom Eletto:
Aloha Energy
Phone: 518-852-2812 cell
Fax: 866-430-4057
E-mail: Tom Eletto, CEO
Offices at: 186 Circular St., Suite 4, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

High Percentage Bio-Renewable-based Foam Insulation

High Percentage Bio-Renewable-based Spray & Injection Foam Insulation is not only manufactured from renewable American grown cashew nuts and other vegetable based oils, we do it right here in the Northeast USA Saratoga Springs/Schenectady, NY. One of its best features is that as it expands it completely fills every space and void creating an air infiltration barrier, vapor barrier and thermal seal. The Aloha Energy thermal seal keeps your heating and cooling costs low. The barrier keeps pollutants from leaking into your home and substantially reduces noise pollution. As an inert substance Aloha Energy’s High Percentage Bio-Renewable-Based Spray & Injection Foam Insulation retains its structural integrity for the life of your home. It is unaffected by moisture, mold, insects or rodents..

Important Note: Now after properly insulating your home with our High Percentage Bio-Renewable-Based Spray or Injection Cavity Fill Foam your home has been made quite air-tight – controlled infusion of fresh air and exhaust of humid/stale air will complete the major home efficiency improvement that you have applied to your home. An HRV – Hear Recovery Ventilator from VenmarLifebreath or equivalent will do the job nicely. Links to information about these essential systems can be found on our LINKS page. Purchasing can be made through your local HVAC contractor or through us (for you do-it-your-selfers).

High Percentage Bio-Renewable-Based Foam Insulation:

  • Is produced from plant-based and recycled renewable resources
  • Has the Highest Percentage of renewable resource ingredients in the industry / Over 50% on the “B” side
  • Reduces demand and dependence on non-renewable petroleum reserves
  • Produces high performance / low energy usage buildings
  • Can be used in a broad-range of insulation applications
      • Spray into open cavities during new construction
      • Spray into open cavities during rehab-construction
      • Inject into closed cavity walls for retro-fit insulating of existing buildings
      • Inject for SIP manufacturing
  • Is Water blown
  • Is ultra-light weight
  • Stops drafts and cold spots
  • High Fire Rating (Class 1)
  • R-Value holds stable overtime
  • Reduces indoor noise pollution
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Lowers heating and cooling costs
  • Stays firmly in place, will not settle
  • Lowers free floating dust and allergens
  • Has zero food value for rodents or insects 
  • Insulates and seals air gaps after one application
  • Has excellent thermal and acoustical properties
  • 4 Foam Density Products available 0.5lb, 1.0lb and 1.8lb and 2.5lb
  • Provides an R-Value of 3.6 to 6.5 per inch, depending on foam density
  • Meets government requirements for using renewable resources
  • Helps prevent mold and fungi growth by controlling moisture and condensation
  • Has no VOC’s nor does it contain urea or ozone depleting CFS’s or HCFC’s
  • Brand new! Pour In Place / Injection – Cavity Fill foam for existing home / business retrofit reinsulation applications

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