Foam solutions for land & sea

Flotation Foam for Barges

New Barges and Floating Platforms

Are you buying new barges or floating platforms that are going in harms way? Is there a risk of interactions with sharp rocks or other puncture possible obstructions?

Protect your investment or the investment of your customer by filling as many flotation chambers with Empire Foam Solutions 2.0 Flotation Foam as necessary to create an absolutely guaranteed sink-proof structure. Very cheap insurance that your insurance company would be very happy to hear about, being included in the design.

Old Barges and Flotation Platforms

Do you have an old barge or flotation platform past it’s prime? Above the waterline the metal is solid but so thin below that a major, very expensive/extensive re-plating is required?

Let us do the numbers, see if installing Empire Foam Solutions 2.0 Flotation Foam isn’t a much more cost-effective option and can also put your asset back into service many weeks faster than the re-plating. Calculate the below the waterline volume in cubic feet. Multiply by the installed cost of our Flotation Foam (call for details) and see how it compares. We believe you’ll be quite encouraged by the major cost savings.

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