Foam solutions for land & sea

Flotion Foam for Boats and Ships

Flotation Foam for Boats & Ships:

Why more boat and ship builders/owners aren’t installing or demanding sufficient Flotation Foam be designed into their vessels seems kind of hard to understand. Accidents, Mishaps, Acts of Nature happen and boats and ships suffer hull breeches and even worse things happen after that. If you design it right and have sufficient Flotation Foam installed in the right places, not only will your vessel not sink it won’t capsize either. The increased cost for the Flotation in the comparison to the costs that people and companies can suffer after an unexpected incident are miniscule. Just saying….. Call us for the numbers.

Additionally if your boat or ship has needs for climate control for habitation or cargo, our spray foam insulation can create huge savings in energy and create major improvements in comfort. Or 1.8 Closed-cell Bio-Renewable Spray foam insulation has an R-Value of 6.5 / inch and it will not only insulate it will simultaneously add 59 lbs of positive flotation force for every cubic foot of installed product.


Empire Foam Solutionss’ 2.0 pcf Closed-cell, Slow Rise, Flotation Foam has been lab tested and meets or exceeds all Physical Properties as specified by MIS-P-21929C

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