Foam solutions for land & sea

Flotation Foam for Docks

Flotation Foam for Docks:

Old Docks

Old flotation failing? Rip it all out, box in the space with some polyethylene sheeting and shoot in our foam. Will form to any shape and give you approximately 59 lbs of support per cubic foot of submerged foam.

New Docks

1) Building new dock and need a foam that’s going to really last? Many ways to skin this cat, as it were. Get the thinnest, cheapest, roto-molded forms and fill them with our foam. Instantly super strong and 100% sink-proof.

2) Create any custom shape you want with the cheapest of materials, line with polyethylene sheeting to keep foam form sticking. Shoot in our foam and pop out of mold, peel off the poly and coat with our Spray Polyurea and you’ve got a flotation system that is amazingly strong, impervious to salt, oils, anything your dock will ever see. Or just paint with any marine anti-fouling bottom paint for a very cost effective float.


Empire Spray Foam can set you up with local installers to help with your project or sell and train you and your people all the equipment necessary to do the job on an ongoing basis. 


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