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Why Empire Foam Solutions Albany NY


Empire Foam Solutions,  manufacturer of  bio-renewable spray foam insulation in the Albany NY area, produces what may well be the “greenest of the green” spray and injection foam insulation in the country.

Want the highest performing insulation available?

Want to keep your carbon footprint as small as you can and buy local / regionally (at a competitive price),?

Then Empire Foam Solutions is your solution.

EFS’ unique green formulations come in many different densities designed to work in the most efficient and cost-effective way.  If you are building new or are doing a gut-to-the-bare-walls restorations, spray foams work best.  If you would like to insulate your older home’s empty wall cavities, EFS makes injection foam formulations for that purpose.

Call us directly at 518-587-0285 to discuss your project and provide a referral to a professional installer who can properly, efficiently and cost effectively install Empire Foam Solutions’ Bio-Renewable Spray and Injection Foam Insulation.

General Benefits:

  •  Foam is “hands down” the finest insulation product you can use in your conventionally constructed building.
  • Unsurpassed air infiltration suppression (probably the number one source of building energy inefficiency).
  • High performance buildings have increased market value. If you can advertise your building or home uses 40+% less energy than an otherwise comparable building… Which would you buy?
  • If you’re looking ahead at reducing the never ending and increasingly expensive cash outlay for energy needed to heat and cool your building, the math is irrefutable. You will save buckets of $s during the time you occupy your home or commercial building. Enough in fact to totally recoup the added cost of doing the insulation job correctly with our foam in the first place.
  • Terrific R-Values 3.6 to 6.5 per inch (open and closed cell formulations).

Contractor/Builder/Installer Benefits

  • You can tout that you’re using the Greenest of the Green Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation (Locally/Regionally Manufactured). Empire Foam Solutions has one of the highest Bio-Renewable content Spray Foam Insulation in the United States (Cashew Nut Shell Oil, Castor Bean, Sugar and Water Blown)
  • Cost competitive with petrochemical based spray foam insulation.
  • Perfect for New and Existing Construction.
  • Increases contractor profits by reducing construction time and labor. Also can bypass other expenses like polyethylene vapor barriers, “Tyvek” house wrap, caulking rim joists, attic venting systems, etc….
  • Easily reach any Energy Star ratings and greatly assists with LEEDS point generation.
  • Faster installation than Fiber Glass Batt or Foam Board Insulation, higher air infiltration barrier than cellulose.

* Complete Air, Vapor, Moisture Sealing in one product

Building Owner Benefits

  • Highest return on investment for any building technology: 40+% energy savings every year.
  • Building owner can recoup entire extra cost of insulating with foam on $s saved in 3 to 5 years.
  • Highest Insulation Value (R-Values per inch)

Important Note: Now after properly insulating your home with Empire Foam Solutions Bio-Renewable Based Spray or Injection Cavity Fill Foam your home has been made quite air-tight – controlled infusion of fresh air and exhaust of humid/stale air is essential and will complete the major home efficiency improvement that you have applied to your home.  An HRV (Hear Recovery Ventilator) from Venmar, Lifebreath or equivalent will do the job nicely.  Links to information about these essential systems can be found on our  LINKSpage.  Purchasing can be made through your local HVAC contractor or through us (for you do-it-your-selfers).

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