Foam solutions for land & sea

Why Empire Foam Solutions Albany NY

What can Empire Foam Solutions provide that installers cannot get from other Spray Foam Manufacturers?

  • Easy to sell. Greenest of the green spray foam insulation. 48% to 51% Bio-Renewable Components on the “B” Side  (Oil From The Shells of Cashew Nuts, Castor Oil, Sucrose and Water Blown), reduced carbon footprint, using locally manufactured product (Buy Local).
  • Wide Range of Formulations. 0.5 Spray, 0.5 Pour/Cavity Fill, 1.6 Injection for SIPs and Freezer/Walk-In-Cooler Manufacturing, 1.8 Pour/Cavity Fill, 1.8 Spray, 2.0 Flotation, 2.5 Roofing, 4.0 Casting
  • Low cost shipping. From Maine to Maryland 1 or 2 sets of foam delivered for $100 ($125 in the winter with freeze protection)
  • Faster and better service from a regional family owned company.
  • Tech Support. Only 1 call away from talking to the actual design chemist behind the formulations. Only 1 call away from our senior equipment tech. Only 1 call away from the owner.
  • Recycle All Used Drums. We use refurbished drums and drums made from recycled material as much as possible.  We also take back all our empties and our drum supplier refurbishes and puts them back in service keeping it all in the loop and out of landfills.
  • Want to get in the business? We can custom build you a rig, service your existing equipment, train you and help with your website, etc…
  • Custom Formulations. ex.) Customer needed closed cell 4lb slow rise for a scene building application, we formulated and shipped within 3 days.
  • Competitive Standard Pricing and Quantity Discounts.
  • LEEDs points for local manufacturing, within 500 miles of application site.
  • Lower construction costs (time and materials savings).


Read more about the benefits of Bio-renewable spray foam insulation for commercial building owners, home owners, builders – HERE.

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