Make new floats, Fill old barrels, pontoons or any sort of hollow float. The options are numerous. Call us and we’re happy to discuss your specific challenge.


  1. Building a new dock and need flotation foam that’s going to last? Fill low-cost roto-molded forms with our Aloha Flotation Foam and create a super strong and 100% sink-proof dock.
  2. Create any custom shape you want with low-cost materials, line with polyethylene sheeting to keep the foam from sticking and install our foam. Then pop it out of the mold, peel off the polyethylene sheeting and coat with our Spray Polyurea. You now have a flotation system that is strong, impervious to salt, oils, or anything else your dock may come into contact with. As an alternative, you can paint it with any marine anti-fouling bottom paint for a very cost-effective float.

Empire Foam Solutions can set you up with local installers to help with your project or sell and train you and your people all the equipment necessary to do the job on an ongoing basis.