The M-Power Low Pressure Spray Foam Insulation Machine

M-Power logoEmpire Foam Solutions is an emerging designer and manufacturer of two-component application equipment i.e. M-Power Pumps Line of Proportioners and Spray Guns. This equipment merges state-of-the-art heat transfer management technology and self-cleaning spray guns with low-cost acquisition and maintenance.


Our Patent Pending M-Power Spray Foam System is a low-pressure spray foam system capable of spraying polyurethane foam while running on 110 volts. An optional 220-volt high wattage heater is available for even faster warm-up and spraying of high viscosity polyureas/coatings. Utilizing a unique hydro heating system, full time/full system material recirculation and built in gun solvent-flush allows for faster setup, installation, and clean up. Automatic heat and recirculation systems ensure your sprayable material will always be the right temperature at the gun, enabling optimal yields. Built on caster and solid rubber wheels, the M-Power Proportioner is less than 24″ wide to fit through any doorway. This 240lb Proportioner unit is easily managed.


Low pressure spray foam systems have an advantage in the competitive market today, cost savings being the most notable. Easy portability of the MPF-20/30 will allow you to install spray foam in most applications that high pressure foam in-stallers would pass over, yet the MPF-20/30 has enough power and output to handle full-scale jobs easily. Ideal for contractors looking to maximize profits or current spray foam installers trying to expand their services. The rig is designed for direct spraying from multiple sized kegs without the need for transfer pumps. Material can be sprayed directly from 5-gallon pails, 15-gallon pony kegs and 55-gallon drums. The MPF series machines are built with easy maintenance and drastically lower purchase and repair costs. And so portable everything can fit in the back of a pickup truck or small van.