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M-Power Low Pressure Systems



M-Power Pumps is an emerging supplier of two component application equipment that merges state-of-the-art heat transfer management technology and spray gun capability with the lowest-cost acquisition and maintenance.

It offers models that can apply polyurethane spray foam or both polyurethane spray foam and 100% solids coating systems (i.e. polyureas). You will never again have to pass on the job because your equipment doesn’t allow the topcoat to go over the polyurethane foam.


What Makes M-Power Unique?

The M-Power MF/MD Proportioner Low Pressure Spray Systems reduce the amount of wasted products, overspray, and wind drift problems that are commonly associated with high pressure spray foam applications.  And to improve portability, it runs on 110V service.

The M-Power spray gun is the first known application gun featuring low-pressure, constant re-circulation when not spraying, and solvent/air purge.   All designed to save contactors much time and money.

As the spray foam industry has developed, the spray foam products have been included in more and more highly specified applications that require not only exacting application standards but also the requirements that the applied product meets given specifications.  The nature of spray foam chemistry is that the density of the spray foam product changes with the temperature at which the foam sprayed. Many of the heat transfer management systems available in the marketplace today experience peaks and valleys in actual fluid temperature during operation. This fluctuation in fluid temperature negatively impacts consistent foam density.  The result is foam that reacts and whose density is outside the parameters of the given specification and this result may have the consequence of nonpayment or litigation with the job owner.  M-Power has eliminated this problem through its unique heat transfer system that eliminates significant fluctuation in fluid temperatures.

The M-Power low-pressure spray systems are designed to be easily serviced and when needed repaired. All parts required for service or repair are readily available.


Who is M-Power made for?

The M-Power Spray Systems are designed for professional installers looking to have a more portable professional system that provides tighter controls over the consistency of their spray product while saving money.

Also designed for the small/medium general contractor looking to bring in-house all the profits previously given to their spray foam contractors.

Every installer concerned about downtime and lack of repair/service parts availability will want to check out the lowest-cost professional machine on the market today: M-POWER.

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