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Builder installing spray foam insulation

Builders Can Lower Construction Costs with a Portable Spray Foam System

Spray foam is an excellent way to provide energy savings to homeowners, as well as improve the overall quality of a home build. Spray foam products, whether from Empire Foam Solutions or other brands, create an effective air and moisture barrier, forming a continuous insulation system that limits drafts and keeps the home at a…

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sinking white catamaran boat in boat slip

3 Reasons to Add Flotation Foam to a Boat

Frequently used on docks and in barge repair, flotation foam is also an important solution for boaters. In fact, flotation foam can be beneficial on vessels of all sizes, from sailboats, luxury yachts and cargo ships to aluminum v-hull fishing boats, canoes, jon boats, speed boats, kayaks and pontoon boats. Adding boat flotation foam will…

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Flotation Foam

Shopping for marine flotation foam for your barge, boat, or dock? You may be overwhelmed by your options. If there’s one thing we’ve learned while developing our own flotation foam, it’s that there’s tons of flotation foam on the market and not all flotation foam is created equal. The range of marine flotation foam varies…

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