Insulation Spray Foamman using a machine to spray foam insulation in a wooden attic

When considering which spray foam insulation machine to purchase for your contracting jobs, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. At Empire Foam Solutions, we know that we have the perfect match for you with our M-Power Low Pressure Spray Foam Insulation Machine

High Cost Savings Over Time

Many contractors believe renting to be the most cost effective option when it comes to spray foam insulation machines; however, that is not always the case. Renting a spray foam insulation machine can cost you upwards of $1,500 for just one day. By comparison, a purchased spray foam insulation machine will pay for itself after just 20 days of use. Your purchase with Empire Foam Solution also includes a year-long warranty.

At Empire Foam Solutions, we understand that purchasing a spray foam insulation system outright is not an option for every contractor. This is why we have partnered with CIT Group Inc. to provide you with financing options as well.

Easy to Use and Upgrade

The M-Power Spray Foam system is designed to be easily managed by one- to two-person teams and fit into your work van or pickup truck. It also features a unique hydro heating system, built-in solvent flush, and a full system material recirculation, which all allow for faster setup, installation, and clean up. The system’s automatic heat and recirculation features ensures that your material will always be at the right temperature for optimal yield.

Looking for a system with a bit more kick? With our spray foam insulation machine, you can easily upgrade to a 220 volt high wattage system, which has an even faster warm-up and allows for the spraying of high viscosity polyureas/coatings.

Handle All Jobs, Big or Small

The M-Power machine can easily fit through any doorway, measuring less than 24” wide. Due to its portability, the M-Power Low Pressure Spray Foam Insulation Machine allows you to take on jobs that high-pressure foam installers would pass over. So, big or small, you are ready to tackle the job!

Ready to Purchase Your Spray Foam Insulation Machine?

At Empire Foam Solutions, we are ready to make your contracting jobs more efficient and cost effective. To get started, give us a call at 518-587-0285 or send us an email at Interested in more details? Check out the M-Power Low Pressure Spray Foam Insulation Machine and other products in our online shop.