Providing Marine Foam Solutions for Customers Across the USA

Empire Foam Solutions is your one-stop shop for marine grade foam solutions. Whether it’s new construction or extending the life of your aged marine assets, we are able to assist with projects in all stages. Not only do we manufacture the marine foam, we work with flotation foam installers around the country to coordinate installation to protect your project.

Our Coast Guard Approved flotation foam is a closed cell, 2.2pcf Bio-Renew flotation foam that can be used for a number of marine uses including:


Barge Foam

Protect new barges or repair old barges with our cost-effective barge flotation foam and prevent floating platforms from sinking.


Dock Foam

Help docks, barrels, pontoons, and other hollow floats achieve optimal buoyancy with dock flotation foam.


Boat Foam

Make a smart investment in the life of your ship or fix existing issues that have affected your vessel’s buoyancy with our boat flotation foam.


Check Out Some of Our Past Marine Foam Projects

We’re proud to have provided flotation foam solutions for marine customers across the country, in areas like Long Island, Chesapeake Bay, Port of Virginia, and the Mississippi River.

On our Recent Projects page, you can see the success we’ve had helping some recent customers with their boats, docks, and barge repair.

Anti-Fire Marine Foam Demo Video

We are often asked about the flammability of the foam. Here is a quick video showing how strongly self-extinguishing our foam is.