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man using a machine to spray foam insulation in a wooden attic

Why You Need a Spray Foam Insulation Machine

When considering which spray foam insulation machine to purchase for your contracting jobs, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. At Empire Foam Solutions, we know that we have the perfect match for you with our M-Power Low Pressure Spray Foam Insulation Machine.  High Cost Savings Over Time Many contractors believe renting to…

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Person in blue suit spraying foam insulation on wooden walls.

Open Cell Vs Closed Cell Spray Foam: Which is Better to Use?

Spray foam insulation has long outperformed cellulose, and fiberglass. Due to its high expansion rate and spray application, it is able to create a better air seal and has a higher R-value which combined lead to less energy loss. With this in mind it’s not shocking that spray foam insulation has become a common product…

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Spray Foam Equipments

Discover The Best Polyurethane Spray Foam For Your Contractor Jobs

The contractors we work with at Empire Foam Solutions rely on our products to help them get the job done efficiently and profitably. By offering a wide variety of polyurethane spray foam options along with our M-Power System, we provide a superior product, faster setup, installation, and quick clean up. But before bidding on a…

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Builder installing spray foam insulation

M-Power Portable Spray Foam System Offers Contractors Savings

Spray foam is an excellent way to provide energy savings to homeowners, as well as improve the overall quality of a home build. Spray foam products, whether from Empire Foam Solutions or other brands, create an effective air and moisture barrier, forming a continuous insulation system that limits drafts and keeps the home at a…

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spray foam benefits

Professional Flotation Foam Installation vs. Do-It-Yourself

When it comes time to install flotation foam for your barge, boat, or dock, it may be difficult to determine whether to do the job yourself or to hire a professional flotation foam installer. Flotation foam installation may seem simple at first glance, but there are many factors to take into consideration to achieve the…

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