Insulation Spray FoamBuilder installing spray foam insulation

Spray foam is an excellent way to provide energy savings to homeowners, as well as improve the overall quality of a home build. Spray foam products, whether from Empire Foam Solutions or other brands, create an effective air and moisture barrier, forming a continuous insulation system that limits drafts and keeps the home at a consistent temperature all year long. Polyurethane spray foam not only meets or exceeds stringent building code requirements but can also lower construction costs, especially when you invest in your own spray foam machine.

What is the M-Power Spray Foam Insulation System?

The M-Power series is a low-pressure spray foam insulation system that merges state-of-the-art heat transfer management technology and self-cleaning spray guns with low-cost acquisition and maintenance. Designed for builders and foam installers, it offers portability and affordability and is capable of spraying polyurethane foam insulation while running on either 220 or 110 volts.

Why the M-Power Spray Foam Machine is Ideal for Builders

The M-Power Spray Foam System has enough power and output to handle full-scale polyurethane spray foam insulation jobs easily, yet it can fit in the back of a small van or pickup truck.

It’s an Affordable Alternative to Hiring a Foam Installation Contractor

Rather than paying a foam installation contractor to do the job, builders can easily and affordably install spray foam insulation themselves with the M-Power Spray Foam System. These machines are easy to maintain and have a low purchase price and repair costs. Considering that spray foam installation can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000 per job, the M-Power System pays for itself in just a few builds at a starting price of just $13,000.

It’s Portable and Runs on 220 or 110 Volts

Our patent-pending M-Power Spray Foam System is a low-pressure spray foam machine, capable of spraying polyurethane foam while running on 110 volts. An optional 220-volt high wattage heater is available for even faster warm-up and spraying of high viscosity polyurethanes and coatings, such as polyurea. Built on caster and solid rubber wheels, the M-Power Proportioner is less than 24″ wide, so it can fit through any doorway and weighs only 240 lbs.

It Can Handle Full-Scale Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation Jobs

The easy portability of the M-Power Spray Foam System allows spray foam to be installed in most applications that high-pressure foam installers would pass over, yet it has enough power and output to handle full-scale insulation jobs. The rig is designed for direct spraying from multiple-sized kegs, without the need for transfer pumps. Material can be sprayed directly from 5-gallon pails, 15-gallon pony kegs and 55-gallon drums.

How to Purchase a M-Power Spray Foam System for Building Contractors

For more information about the M-Power Spray Foam Machine, builders can download our spec sheet and view our financing options. You can also purchase our spray foam system for building contractors online, or give us a call at (518) 587-0285.