Marine Foamdock at sunset going out into lake

Is there anything more symbolic of good times on the water than a dock? It’s a convenient spot to launch your watercraft, cast in a line or just relax and enjoy the view. However, anyone who owns a dock knows they require care and maintenance to stay in good condition. Watery environments can wreak havoc on fixed-place docks, which is why floating docks are popular. The question then becomes, “Which is better, air-filled or flotation foam for docks?”

Air-Filled Dock Floats

Air-filled floats are lighter and lower cost than foam-filled floats. Since they’re lightweight and easy-to-install, air-filled floats may seem like the preferable option when adding or replacing flotation on existing docks.

However, with air-filled docks, you must be especially careful to choose docks that have been constructed to stand up to possible impacts. Floats should also be resistant to damage from sun, salt, fuel, and water. There are many variables with longevity when it comes to these docks, so be aware that while you may save in the beginning, unexpected costs may occur later on.

Flotation Foam for Docks

Flotation foam for docks is formulated to provide superior performance in terms of longevity, sturdiness, and buoyancy. Because of this, foam-filled floats are the preferred option for new dock construction.

Polyurethane, closed-cell foam is the best choice for foam-filled dock floats since it is stronger and more water-resistant than other resins. For long-lasting floats, choose ones constructed of high-quality materials that stand up to the elements (UV rays, wind, water, fuel, etc.), resist punctures and leaks, and won’t leach chemicals.

Empire Foam Solutions: Marine Foam Specialists

Empire Foam Solutions’ Coast Guard-approved flotation foam is a closed cell, polyurethane flotation foam for docks, barges, and boats. We’re a one-stop shop for marine-grade foam solutions with both manufacturing and working relationships with flotation foam installers around the country. Rely on Empire Foam Solutions to coordinate installation for your project! Contact us for more information.