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speedboat on a towing rig on land

Waterlogged Foam: How to Spot & Fix This Issue in Boats

During the boating season, it’s important to regularly inspect your watercraft—including looking for waterlogged foam. If your boat’s flotation foam is waterlogged, it can cause issues with flotation, towing, and the structural integrity of the vessel. Here’s a guide on how to tell if your craft’s flotation foam is waterlogged, and what to do if…

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docks floating at sunset in a gorgeous inlet

Foam Dock Floats: The Key to Keeping Your Docks Above Water

One of the biggest fears of any dock owner is losing your dock. If it were to sink, you could lose your favorite fishing spot, a place to launch your watercraft, or even part of your business. Foam dock floats are a surefire way to ensure that your dock stays above water, so none of…

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dock at sunset going out into lake

Flotation Foam for Docks: Is It Better Than Air-Filled?

Is there anything more symbolic of good times on the water than a dock? It’s a convenient spot to launch your watercraft, cast in a line or just relax and enjoy the view. However, anyone who owns a dock knows they require care and maintenance to stay in good condition. Watery environments can wreak havoc…

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motor boat cutting through water and causing a wake

The Clean Air Act & Polyurethane Spray Foam: What You Need to Know

In the thick smog of 1970, the Clean Air Act was introduced and placed responsibility on the EPA to establish air quality standards that limited six main pollutants, ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and lead.This first step led to increased public interest and by the 1980’s the worldwide community was concerned about Ozone…

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Coast Guard Update Requires More Boat Flotation Foam

The United States Coast Guard provides regulations for the minimum safety standards required for recreational boats and onboard equipment. Since 1984, the regulations for boaters with vessels less than 20 feet in length have remained virtually unchanged, but in June of 2018, a major update was announced. In it the Coast Guard reaffirmed that not…

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Know The Signs That Your Boat’s Flotation Foam Needs Replacing

Marine foam isn’t as fun for boaters to talk about as their new inboard motor or the high-tech, floating VHF/GPS they just picked up. But when boat flotation foam is compromised, replacing it needs to be a priority. Without it, none of the other fun stuff works because bad foam has a big impact on…

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Considerations When Buying Marine Foam

Whether you’re a recreational boater who enjoys fishing on Indiana’s White River, a river pilot on a tugboat that pushes barges through Missouri on the mighty Mississippi or work for one of the 200 companies at the massive Port of Houston, marine foam is working to keep your assets safe, sustainable, and afloat. But all…

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Addressing the Myths & Misconceptions of Flotation Foam

Empire Foam Solutions is proud to announce that our CTO, Tom Eletto, recently published an article with the Marine News E-Magazine. The piece was originally titled “Flotation Foam to the Rescue”. He discussed the myths and misconceptions behind flotation foam, and how EFS is changing the game. Read on to learn more!  Flotation Foam to…

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sinking white catamaran boat in boat slip

3 Reasons to Add Flotation Foam to a Boat

Frequently used on docks and in barge repair, flotation foam is also an important solution for boaters. In fact, flotation foam can be beneficial on vessels of all sizes, from sailboats, luxury yachts and cargo ships to aluminum v-hull fishing boats, canoes, jon boats, speed boats, kayaks and pontoon boats. Adding boat flotation foam will…

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Flotation Foam

Shopping for marine flotation foam for your barge, boat, or dock? You may be overwhelmed by your options. If there’s one thing we’ve learned while developing our own flotation foam, it’s that there are tons of flotation foam on the market and not all flotation foam is created equal. The range of marine flotation foam…

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