Marine Foamdocks floating at sunset in a gorgeous inlet

One of the biggest fears of any dock owner is losing your dock. If it were to sink, you could lose your favorite fishing spot, a place to launch your watercraft, or even part of your business. Foam dock floats are a surefire way to ensure that your dock stays above water, so none of your dock-related fears come true.

What Are Foam Dock Floats?

Foam dock floats can be made from old barrels, roto-molded forms, or any hollow float using special marine flotation foam. They maintain the buoyancy of the dock—even when a dock is damaged—and can benefit both older docks and new installations in a variety of ways. Empire Foam Solutions’ Aloha Flotation Foam, for example, can be used in both new and old docks in order to keep them afloat and avoid failure.

How Do Foam Dock Floats Work?

Foam dock floats are made up of two components: marine flotation foam and some sort of a hollow vessel, used as a mold. The vessel is lined with polyethylene sheeting to keep the foam from sticking, and the expanding foam is sprayed inside. After it dries, the new dock float can be removed from the mold, the polyethylene sheeting can be removed, and the entire float can be sprayed with polyurea or covered with anti-fouling bottom paint. The dock float will then be usable for many years to come, impervious to oils, salts, and other damages.  

Invest in Foam Dock Floats

Empire Foam Solutions’ marine flotation foam is U.S. Coast Guard-approved, making it the perfect choice for foam dock floats. Our team of experts can set you up with local installers to help with your project or sell and train you and your people all the equipment necessary to do the job on an ongoing basis. Give us a call at 518-852-2812 or fill out our contact form for more information.