Marine Foam

Whether you’re a recreational boater who enjoys fishing on Indiana’s White River, a river pilot on a tugboat that pushes barges through Missouri on the mighty Mississippi or work for one of the 200 companies at the massive Port of Houston, marine foam is working to keep your assets safe, sustainable, and afloat.

But all brands of marine foam aren’t created equal. Many are generic and don’t provide optimal buoyancy, offer protection from water or chemicals, or even meet safety standards. Here are some of the key elements to look for when purchasing marine foam for a boat, barge, or dock.

Look for U.S. Coast Guard Certification:

Empire Foam Solutions’ Bio-Renew Flotation Foam 2.2 pcf was USCG approved in April of 2015. This certification means our product is approved for use on lifeboats, life floats, buoyant apparatus, or other constructions requiring USCG accepted buoyancy foams that must meet the minimum performance requirements of the standard for polyurethane buoyancy. 

Make Sure the Foam is Fire Resistant: 

One of the biggest marine safety hazards is fire so ensuring any product used on a boat, barge or dock is fire resistant is key. We’re often asked about the flammability of our marine floatation foam and our answer is to look at this video – it shows how effectively self-extinguishing our foam is.  Flotation Foam

Choose the Right Poly:

We use polyurethane floatation foam not polystyrene foam because polyurethane is a much safer, sustainable choice. It won’t absorb water or petrochemicals like polystyrene which creates a dangerous fire hazard if there’s a gas spill on your boat. Our marine foam is available in liquid and spray form, which allows it to mold perfectly to your boat and it won’t rot, bow, warp or delaminate. 

Choose Marine Foam That Adds Buoyancy and Insulation:

Empire Foam Solutions’ 2.2 Closed-cell Bio-Renewable Spray Flotation Foam insulation has an R-Value of 6.5 / inch and not only works great for insulation, but it also adds 59 lbs. of positive flotation force for every cubic foot of installed product. Flotation foam also adds thermal insulation, which is important on larger vessels used for living quarters or ships carrying cargo that needs climate control.

Don’t Settle for a Product That’s Not Specifically Designed for the Job:

Empire Foam creates its foam in-house so you can speak directly with one of our design chemists to formulate a custom foam solution. Don’t compromise by using a generic formulation that might not meet all your needs and cost you more money in the long run.

Insist on Proper Installation:

Once you’ve chosen a high-quality marine foam, the next critical step is installation. Not only do we manufacture the highest quality marine foam in the industry, our staff works closely with flotation foam installers around the country to coordinate installation to protect your project. Whether it’s a boat, barge, or dock, Empire Foam and our partners can get the job done right the first time.