generalman spraying spray foam on a sunny day

Polyurethane foam: it has a range of applications, both on land and at sea! Take a look at these common custom polyurethane foam uses, and consider how polyurethane foam can benefit your next project.  

Flotation for Boats & Docks

Polyurethane is an excellent choice for flotation foam. This type of foam offers unrivaled buoyancy and reduced weight, which makes flotation one of the most common polyurethane foam uses.  

Empire Foam Solutions’ custom polyurethane foam formulation for marine application is approved by the US Coast Guard for barges, docks, and boats. If you’re looking for foam for your waterborne vessel, polyurethane foam is a great option.     

Home Insulation

One of the most common polyurethane foam uses is spray foam home insulation. This type of foam expands to fill every nook and cranny of walls and ceilings, making it much more effective than traditional insulation. Polyurethane foam is also very mold resistant, making it an excellent choice for most homes, even in cool or damp places. 

Curious about polyurethane spray foam? Check out our FAQ

Coolers & Freezers

If you want to keep your food cold, a custom polyurethane foam could be the solution to your dilemma. This type of foam has superior thermal performance, making it ideal for walk-in coolers or freezers. The best part of this polyurethane foam use? It can even keep your cooling costs down.  

When it comes to coolers and freezers, Empire Foam Solutions knows how to solve problems! We had a customer contact us about creating a very green foam for his freezer manufacturing company. We succeeded in creating a new foam that worked for his process, and within 2 months he was up and running with our formulation.

Jacuzzis, Décor, Packaging, & Beyond: Empire Foam Solutions Has Custom Polyurethane Foam for You 

Custom polyurethane foam can be used for a variety of additional applications, such as jacuzzis and pools, decoration, packaging for products, and much more. Whatever you dream up, Empire Foam Solutions can create a custom polyurethane foam for you. Call us at 518-587-0285 or send an email to with the details of your project, and we will return with a solution proposal for your consideration!