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Tips & Info on Low-Pressure Spray Foam Machines for Contractors

Spray foam insulation has become the gold standard for both contractors and homeowners when it comes to efficiently insulating homes and buildings—with good reason. Low-pressure spray foam machines are a valuable tool for contractors to have in their kit—and with options like the M-Power Low Pressure Spray Foam Insulation Machine, these tools are available to…

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Common Custom Polyurethane Foam Uses on Land & At Sea

Polyurethane foam: it has a range of applications, both on land and at sea! Take a look at these common custom polyurethane foam uses, and consider how polyurethane foam can benefit your next project.   Flotation for Boats & Docks Polyurethane is an excellent choice for flotation foam. This type of foam offers unrivaled buoyancy and…

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Flotation Foam

Shopping for marine flotation foam for your barge, boat, or dock? You may be overwhelmed by your options. If there’s one thing we’ve learned while developing our own flotation foam, it’s that there are tons of flotation foam on the market and not all flotation foam is created equal. The range of marine flotation foam…

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