Accidents, mishaps and acts of nature can adversely affect your vessel in many ways, such as hull breeches. The installation of Flotation Foam in the proper locations in your boat or ship can ensure that it will not sink in the event of an unanticipated incident. The investment in installing Flotation Foam can reduce the overall cost of repairs and time out of service of your vessel.

Additionally, if your boat or ship is used for habitation or cargo that requires climate control, our spray foam insulation will increase comfort and reduce energy consumption. Our 1.8 Closed-cell Bio-Renewable Spray foam insulation has an R-Value of 6.5 / inch and will not only insulate; it will simultaneously add 59 lbs. of positive flotation force for every cubic foot of installed product.

Let us show you how you can make a smart investment in the maintenance of your maritime assets.

Empire Foam Solutions’ 2.2 pcf Closed-cell, Slow Rise, Flotation Foam for boats has been lab tested and meets or exceeds all Physical Properties as specified by MIS-P-21929C

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