M-Power Self-Cleaning Polyurethane Spray Foam Gun

Self-Cleaning Spray Foam Gun. Full-time Recirculation & Pressurized Acetone Self-Cleaning. Patent Pending.

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The M-Power Self-Cleaning Spray Foam Gun works with our industry leading MPF-20 and MPF-30 spray foam system for contractors. Able to handle various polyurethane spray foams, this spray foam gun uses pressurized acetone to self clean for faster setup. Pick the rate and viscosity that best suits the job and get even coating every time. 

We also offer a Polyurea Gun for when the job calls for it. 

Learn more about our M-Power system which is changing the independent and small contractor spray foam industry. 

Features :

  • Full-time recirculation
  • Pressurized acetone self-cleaning
  • Capable of variable rate and flexible viscosity
  • Works with polyurethane spray foam
  • Output flow rate: 2.0 GPM

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Get the most portable spray foam system for contractors: Shop the MPF-30 or MPF-20

Patent pending.


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