M-Power, Self-Cleaning, Spray Polyurea Gun

Full-time Recirculation, Air Atomization, Pressurized Acetone Self-Cleaning, Patent Pending

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The M-Power Self Cleaning Polyurea Spray Gun teams up with our powerful MPF-20 and MPF-30 low pressure spray foam machines to offer the most portable spray foam solution. Handle a variety of polyurea spray foams, while being able to pick the rate and viscosity. Don’t waste time on cleaning, with pressurized acetone, our machine self-cleans and is ready for the next job. 

Our MPF-20 and MPF-30 also supports a polyurethane spray gun.

Dive into our M-Power spray foam insulation machine and learn how it’s changing the game for small contractors looking for powerful spray foam solutions. 

Features :

  • Full-time recirculation
  • Pressurized acetone self-cleaning
  • Capable of variable rate and flexible viscosity
  • Works with polyurea spray foam
  • Output flow rate: 2.0 GPM

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Patent pending. 



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